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Is My Website Hurting My Business?

Web design has changed over the years and your potential new clients have many options when they hit the search engines looking for your product or service.  If you already have a website does your site fit into any of these situations?

1)  Keep it current - If you have a calendar make sure it's up-to-date.  If you don't have a calendar be sure to post something new or even blog at least once a month to show that your active and you care about your website.  Ignoring your website is the same as not cleaning a physical store.  It becomes dusty and clients are turned off.

bad website design practices

2)  Mobile Friendly - What does your site look like on a mobile phone or tablet?  Do you have to zoom in and out or does the content fit the screen?

3)  Being Exclusive to Social Media  - Do you have an active social media account on Facebook or another platform?  Do you post frequent updates to your customers?  Don't let social media stray you away from your website.   Just because you have been active on social media for 5 or more years doesn't mean everyone uses it.  New customers go to Google and other search engines to find a product or service.  Your website should contain the same information you are including on social media.  Make sure your website has recent photo galleries and related annoucements.  

4)  Lack of Incoming Links - If you're active on blogs and social media be sure to link to your website.  A lack of incoming links can hurt your search engine rankings.   A great idea is to post new content on your website and then post a link on social media to increase traffic to your website.   Search engines may increase your ranking if they see links coming in from social media sites and blogs.

5)  Outdated Design - If your website is over 3 years old it may be time for a new look.  This is a great time to make it mobile friendly.  Most major websites you visit have changed over the past 3 years.  It's like a virtual fresh coat of paint to make your business look clean and inviting.

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