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Facebook Advertising

Are you confused and overwhelmed with figuring out how to advertise your website and social media pages?  Do you boost posts on Facebook and get very little results?

We can help create ads and manage your social media advertising.  You set your budget and we will work with it.

You can take a look at some of our Facebook Advertising packages or chat with us if you have questions about advertising.


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Google Adwords

If you want to instantly show up at the top of Google we can setup Google Adwords for you.  These pay-per-click ads display above all organic listings when a potential customer searches.

With online marketing, you can target your customer base by geographic regions, keywords, demographics and more.

Before you start advertisting it's a good idea to make sure your site is SEO optimized.  You can run a Free Online SEO Test to see how well it scores.

SEO Services

What good is a website if your customers can't find it? Search Engine Optimization Services will help your website reach it's potential.  By improving your SEO you will rank better with your organic results.  Organic results are free and show up by default on a site with good SEO.

Free Online Site Check

Get a FREE scan of your website to see how optimized your site is for speed, keywords, image analysis, copy analysis, and more.  We can help you fix errors on the report to improve the SEO of your website.  By fixing these errors you will see better rankings in Google search results.

Why Spend Money on Ads?

Lot's of businesses hesitate when it comes to spending money on advertisting.  If you narrow your target audience you can grow your business.  This usually will cover all of the money you spent towards advertising.

Advertising gives you almost instant results on both social media and search engines.  SEO takes longer to see results.

Upstate SC Web Design specializes in online Marketing needs in Anderson SC, Clemson SC, and Greenville SC.  We are willing to work with clients across the USA.  So Let's Chat if you need help with Social Media Marketing.


Local Results for Anderson SC, Clemson, SC, Greenville SC!

Marketing your Anderson SC website can help get customers faster than search engine optimization.   If you own a dance studio in Anderson SC you want to show up in local searches.  The same goes if you are an accountant in Clemson SC.  When you advertise your website you can reach a local audience that isn't even searching for your business. 

It doesn't matter your location, we can help market your website! 

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