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Is your website out of date and stale?

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When it comes to websites many people think it's like buying a poster or sign to advertise their business but thats a bad way of thinking.  A website is more like buying a TV.  It should be full of popular programming and always have access to current news.

Imagine a retail store that had the same display in the storefront window for two years?  What would you think? 

Top 10 Website Tips

Website Visitor Retention
If your website hasn't change why would anyone come back?  Would you go back to your favorite clothing stores website if they still had fashions on the home page from two years ago? 

Impress New Clients
Show your potential new clients that you are on top of things.  Make sure your website is up-to-date with all your latest products or services.
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Does your website have a blog?  A blog is a great way to keep news and discussions active with your customer base.  It can also help boost your search engine rankings.

Study Your Competition
If you think your website is fine as it is you should compare it with your competitors.  Do they have more up-to-date content than you do?  Do they have new products and services listed?  Does your website feature your latest products and services?

social media anderson scSocial Media
Have social media Like and Share buttons on your website.  This allows your visitors to share popular content with Facebook, Twitter, etc.  It also creates free advertisign for you.

Value Added - Does your website provide your clients with what they need?  Do they consistantly email you and ask simlar questions.  You may need to add more content to your site or develop a Frequently Asked Questions page.

If your business uses forms be sure to include online forms to make it easier for customers.  Having to download, print and scan a form to email back to you is so 10 years ago.  Make things easy for people.
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Mobile Friendly
If your website is old, chances are it does not display in a mobile friendly format on smartphones.  Today over half of website traffic is with smartphones and tablets.

Be Found
So you have a booming Facebook page.  This is great and it works very well to promote your website as well.  It's important to remember that not everyone uses Facebook so they are going to use a search engine to find you.  If they stumble on your outdated website then chances are they are going to hit the back button and check out your competitor.

website security anderson scSecurity
Old websites are much more vulnurble to hackers and security breaches.  This is like using a computer that is old with outdated security software.  By keeping up to date you can reduce downtown and provide your customers with a more secure browsing experience.

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