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Should I update my website?

responsive websites anderson scSo you've probably already got a website and it works just fine.  Why should you update it?  Who wants to spend several hundred dollars just to get a new look?  These may be questions that you've come across before.  Let's take another perspective.  In the eyes of a new client maybe your website sucks.  The cost of losing one new client more than likely would cover the cost of updating your website.  So in theory, this would make it free.  Don't stop reading now though.  Below you will see why you are losing potention new clients.

Why would anyone think my website sucks?

  • They used their smartphone to look at your website and it was not mobile friendly.  They had to zoom in and out to try and read content.  They got frustrated, went back to Google and now they are contacting your competitor to do business with them.  (Note:  This website will allow you to enter your website and see how it looks on all popular devices)
  • A visitor wants to checkout current events on your website and it's out of date.  Well this place might be out of business right?  Let's find someone else on Google!
  • A new client wants to find out about your products and services.  All they can find on your site is a bio of your business.  They must email you or call for information.   Chances are your competitor has all the basics online.  It makes their decision much easier when there is no hurdle to information availability.

So how many new clients has your outdated website ran off?  Unfortunately, you don't really know.  But you can also stay one step ahead by making sure your site is updated, mobile friendly, easy to use and informative to lure in new clients.


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