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Use your iPhone or iPad for laptop wifi during a power outage

iphone and ipad settings iconYou can use your iPhone or iPad (cellular modes) to provide a personal wifi connection during a power outage.  This may come in handy if you can't use your home internet service and you want to connect a laptop or other battery powered device to the Internet via WIFI.

It's very simple to do!


iphone and ipad personal wifi hotspot tutorial1.  Click on your Settings icon.

2.  Locate the Personal Hotspot option.

3.  Create a password for your Personal Wi-Fi Hotspot.

4.  Turn on the feature.

5.  Use your laptop or other device to connect to the new Wi-Fi signal you just created.


That's It!  Enjoy!


Note:  This shares your data package that you have with your cellular provider.  It might be a good idea to contact your provider to verify your plan before streaming movies, music or downloading very large files.



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