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5 Cool iPhone and iPad Tips

1.  Take a selfie by using your earbuds.  The + (volume up) on the cord will snap the photo for you.

2.  You can add more icons to your iPad dock.  You can even add a folder with lots of apps to the dock. Just drag and swipe the icons or folder you want to the dock.

ipad dock tip

3.  When listening to music with your earbuds you can press the middle button on the cord once to pause or twice to skip to the next song.

4.  Want to take a nap?  Just ask Siri to wake you up in a hour and she will automatically set an alarm.

5.  Your iPhone or celluar iPad will charge much faster if you put it in Airplane mode.  Click your settings icon and its the first option.  You will not be able to make or receive calls, text or use data while your device is in airplane mode.


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